Secondhand Smoke and Pets



You probably know that secondhand smoke is unhealthy for pregnant women, kids, and non-smokers, but did you know that it’s also unhealthy for pets who breathe it at home?
Just like people, dogs, cats, and birds can get the same diseases linked to secondhand smoke including:
•  Cancer
•  Heart disease
•  Emphysema
•  Pneumonia
•  Stroke
•  Skin diseases

In addition to breathing in secondhand smoke:
•  Cats ingest its toxic residue when they lick their fur, increasing their exposure.
•  Outside the home, dogs often eat discarded cigarette butts on the ground. Cigarette butts can have high levels of the same toxins found in secondhand smoke.
•  And birds respiratory systems are hyper-sensitive to pollutants in the air, so secondhand smoke can lead to serious health conditions.

Good News! We know that owning a pet can help persuade a smoker to quit. In fact, 28.4% of smokers said knowing how unhealthy secondhand smoke is for pets would motivate them to stop smoking.

If you are ready to quit tobacco, call 1-800-NO-BUTTS for free help to quit today!

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